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ZoomX Streakfly Competition Running Shoe Men - White, Red

Focus on your goal!

You've gotten yourself really fit and are feverishly anticipating your race. At the starting line, you realize that you can barely feel the ZoomX Streakfly, your race shoe, on your foot due to its incredibly light weight. It is the lightest racing shoe from Nike and will bring you safely and quickly to the finish line in your race. Designed for speed and with its minimalist design, it has everything a racing shoe needs. Its ZoomX foam cushions and is extremely responsive. The low-profile outsole provides the best traction on the track and you can easily stand up to your competitors.

The ZoomX Streakfly by Nike for men fact check:

  • Reduced knit fabric gives seamless support and is very breathable
  • Front of the upper is reinforced to keep the foot stable in the shoe
  • Midsole made of cushioning ZoomX foam with fantastic responsiveness and direct ground feel
  • Thin tongue with cutout over instep to counteract uncomfortable pressure
  • Low profile outsole with tremendous traction

Now it's time to go

For all race enthusiasts who like to compete with other athletes. With the right shoe on your foot it runs easier and faster and the Streakfly also provides a strikingly reactive running feel, which benefits you in turns and also in sprint sections. Let's go!


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Size and measurement information

Size and measurement information

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Detecting the individual length One foot

Take a piece of paper (A4) and place it on a flat, stable surface (we recommend the floor). Place your right foot (or your stronger, longer foot) diagonally, so that it fits completely within the sheet of paper.

With the thinnest possible pen, starting with the heel of your foot start to trace around your foot, you continue until you complete the entire foot (see Fig.). If you choose, you can trace only the longest point of your foot, that would suffice.

Determine the length of your feet

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Important: Then You add [1 centimeter (cm)/ ½ an inch (.5”)] to and have your exact running shoe size in [cm/in] determined!

Example: Your measurement has resulted in a distance of [27 cm/10”]. Now add [1 cm/.5”] to find your shoe size is [28 cm/10.5”]!

We have the converted nearly all shapes and lengths to the correct sizes for all of the brands (Asics, Nike, adidas, etc.for you so you can know your correct size regardless of which brand or model shoe you want to buy.


Nike ZoomX Streakfly Competition Running Shoe Men

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